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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela


IGL Institute of the German language is committed to transforming people’s lives through language education. Our cutting-edge digital technologies help motivated learners succeed at home, in classrooms, and at work worldwide.

IGL is a platform established to teach people of all ages how to read, write, and speak the German language. It is a dream of one man who wishes to find a better way to learn the German language. Founder Ubaid set out an efficient way to learn the German language by natural immersion after failing to learn German using conventional approaches. He envisioned using computer technologies to innovate language education for learners of all ages by simulating how people learn their native language—with pictures and sounds in detail with no translation.


Deutsch lernen für eine bessere Zukunft!

We believe in teaching the German language naturally. We make our students able to understand, speak, learn, and write the German language in its native style. Under the supervision and expertise of Mr. Ubaid Ur Rehman, IGL has a vision of providing:

        Best quality of learning the German language with no compromise on the standard of learning.

        Holistic experience of continuously imparting and transforming the needs of the learning industry.

        Empowerment to the students with exemplary knowledge of the German language to help them achieve their goals and to build a better future.

        Skills and expertise of German language to the students for effortless communication between cross cultures.


Teaching and training in German is our mission since it gives our students a leg up in the workplace and helps ensure their bright futures. We’re dedicated to making IGL the best place to learn German and we’re always looking for new ways to engage and discover for our students.


When studying in Germany as an international student, you must achieve a high degree of proficiency in the German language. With our special teaching approach, self-made notes, which have been fashioned after years of hard work and many trials, we still strive to provide the best German language learning experience possible.


The sole of IGL is to have the best German learning experience for our participants, allowing them to learn German to the best of their ability, read, and continue their studies in Germany.



IGL provides you an opportunity to learn German in Germany, and you’ll be able to sample the incredible food and meet some more amazing people. Please take advantage of our comprehensive German language courses in Germany and learn more about the people than you do as a visitor. Every day, you’ll be learning German in a German-speaking setting, bringing everything you’ve learned in class to immediate use. Learners can struggle with German pronunciations and long compound words, but if you study German in IGL, you will be guided by a knowledgeable German language teacher. Hearing him all around you will help you improve your grammar, and you’ll see that those intimidating long words are just a combination of smaller (and much more common) words.