Germany attracts people from all over the world, with its professional development prospects. People come from around the globe to get a better future here. Furthermore, after these individuals have found a job and are established in Germany, they have the right to bring their families with them.


Depending on where you are from and who you wish to join in Germany, various criteria apply to different groups of individuals. The Immigration Authorities in Germany have developed a visa for family re-union, however, this visa requirement does not apply to everyone. Even if the resident does not have a permanent residence card, but rather a German family reunion residence permit, the immigration authorities in Germany promote family reunification as a vital method of making family life feasible.


German Language Course A1-Level:

A1-Level German language course can grasp and utilize commonplace phrases and short sentences that relate to the fulfillment of actual demands. It makes an individual eligible to identify himself or herself and others, as well as ask people about themselves for example:

  • Where do they live?
  • Who do they know?
  • What they possess or answer to such inquiries

IGL – A1 course for beginners:

IGL is offering an online A1 level course for beginners with zero German language speaking skills to provide you with everything you need to communicate in German.

Do you know the surprise part of this course?

You don’t need any special abilities to get admission and learn this course!



Why do you need to attend IGL – A1 course?

Mr. Ubaid UR Rehman the founder of IGL is a prominent figure in the field of teaching A1 Level. He is the only expert professional to teach this A1-level course of the German language in Pakistan. He is offering top-notch quality online German language courses for the people who are looking for their future in Germany. You’ll discover a step-by-step approach to studying the most valuable and practical topics and skills for day-to-day living right here.

IGL has designed an A1-level German language course that is a combination of mixed logic, tables, and rules with fun, and unique design and learning concepts. So that learners may get the most out of it by combining the logical and creative sides of their brain. The course is highly interactive and incorporates all four abilities – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We may assess your progress after each module using video and classroom-style courses, pdfs of all lessons, tasks, and challenges.

This course is designed for students who have no prior understanding of German. Students will learn fundamental language skills that they may use in their daily lives. The course introduces students to basic grammatical structures, allowing them to welcome people, identify themselves, and exchange basic information. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities will be covered through a variety of activities in the classroom.

The online classes are conversational, and everyone takes part in role-playing. Group and partner efforts are used to complete the tasks. The dialogues are replicated so that the pupils may learn how to speak German. Through different class exercises, participants will be able to improve their hearing, reading, writing, and speaking abilities.


Once students have completed the course, they will be able to read and listen to recognizable words and simple sentences with ease. Students must also be able to write short and basic sentences, such as those seen on postcards, and complete forms that ask for personal information, such as inputting their name, nationality, and address on a hotel registration form.

Courses Offered